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Company presentation

"Polimex-Mostostal" S.A. is a modern engineering and construction company listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

Polimex-Mostostal focuses its activities within the prospective general contractor sectors, which are: power engineering, chemicals, petrochemicals and industry. As a general contractor, "Polimex-Mostostal" has been, for many years, successfully cooperating with companies of its own Capital Group and the subcontractors and technology partners proven in many contracts.

The company is also a manufacturer of steel structures and products, including gratings, and provides hot dip galvanizing services.

"Polimex-Mostostal" exports a significant portion of its products and services. Export activity is supported by an international sales network - agents or locally registered offices and manufacturing plants abroad.

Large-scale operational and financial restructuring carried out by the Company in recent times enables it to effectively respond to the needs of the market.

"Polimex-Mostostal" S.A. has been active on the market since 1945. It has been present on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw for more than 15 years.

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