New road contract by Polimex Infrastruktura in Gdańsk


On Monday, March 20 of this year, the representatives of the Consortium of Polimex Infrastruktura Sp. z o.o. and Polimex Mostostal S.A. concluded a contract for the "Reconstruction of a section of the Voivodeship Road No. 218 (DW 218) — ul. Kielnieńska on the section from the S6 bypass to the railway viaduct at the junction of the Tri-City Bypass and the Metropolitan Bypass Stage I" in Gdańsk.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the investor by Piotr Grzelak, Deputy Mayor for Sustainable Development and Investment, Karol Kalinowski, Director of DRMG, and on behalf of the contractor by Jacek Szuta, President of the Management Board of Polimex Infrastruktura and Arkadiusz Arciszewski, Vice-president of the Management Board of Polimex Infrastruktura.

Ul. Kielnieńska will be rebuilt on the section from ul. Drawska to the bus terminus at the Tri-City Bypass. Bicycle paths as well as bicycle and pedestrian routes will be built along the street. The construction of 17 rain gardens is planned as well.

    "Today is a very important day for Gdańsk and the Osowa district. We are embarking on a project to rebuild ul. Kielnieńska from the Tri-City bypass to ul. Drawska. It is a road enriched with cycle paths, with pedestrian routes. Drainage seems a key issue, which is why, on this occasion, as many as 17 rain gardens will be built along ul. Kielnieńska under rebuilt, and which we are implementing in accordance with the s water policy of Gdańsk. There will also be built a 500-metre long ul. Nowa Koziorożca with 8 rain gardens planned. The implementation is planned for 26 months, with the end of the works scheduled for the second quarter of 2025 ," said Deputy Mayor Piotr Grzelak at the signing of the agreement.

    Ul. Kielnieńska will be rebuilt along an almost 2 km stretch, with cycle paths and pedestrian and bicycle routes built along the street. Tree planting and flower beds as well as the creation of flower meadows are planned along the street. The scope of the task also included, among others, the construction of storm and sanitary sewers, water, gas, or lighting supply systems. Small-scale architecture will also be created.

    The implementation will take approximately 26 months. The end of the works is scheduled for Q2 2025 and the completion of acceptance procedures in Q3 2025. The cost is under PLN 64 million gross. The investment will be implemented with co-financing from the Polish Order.

The contractor for the modernisation of ul. Kielnieńska is a consortium of companies, the leader being Polimex Infrastruktura Sp. z o.o. and Polimex Mostostal S.A.