New gas cogeneration facility with a capacity of up to 20 MW of the Słoneczna Power Plant in Słupsk, built by a consortium of Polimex Mostostal and Polimex Energetyka, commissioned


In early December 2022, an important contract executed by a consortium of Polimex Mostostal and Polimex Energetyka companies for the design, supply and construction under the general contracting "design and build" formula of a new source of heat and electricity generation in a high-efficiency gas cogeneration system with a capacity of up to 20 MW, together with the necessary technical infrastructure – Słoneczna CHP Plant within the Słupsk Bioenergetic Cluster executed for ENGIE EC Słupsk Sp. z o.o. – was successfully completed. 

The signing of the commissioning certificate for the facility allows the Contractor to enter the second stage of implementation, to commence the maintenance work on the constructed facility.

The value of the contract was PLN 62.9 million net, and the estimated remuneration under the Maintenance Contract is PLN 36.9 million net.

The subject of the contract was the construction of a CHP plant consisting of a set of CHP units, in which the drive units are internal combustion engines powered by natural gas. The CHP process system is located in a designed and built CHP plant building. The scope included the design works, deliveries, construction and assembly works, commissioning of all equipment and systems, commissioning and authorisation for the use of a complete system of generation in combination of electricity and heat for continuous operation and provision of maintenance services during the warranty and post-warranty period. Thermal energy will be used for the urban heating network in summer and winter mode.

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