Polimex Mostostal SA and TEDOM a.s. launch a joint business venture. Joint venture company - POLIMEX ENERGO s p. z o. o.



On January 15, 2024, Polimex Mostostal SA and the TEDOM a.s. concluded a conditional agreement to establish a joint venture company - Polimex Energo sp. z o. o. Thanks to the results of the proceedings before the antitrust authorities becoming final, the company starts operating activities.

Polimex Energo sp. z o. o. is a specialized entity operating in the field of energy outsourcing in the production and sale of heat, cooling and electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration powered by natural gas, LPG, LNG, biogas or mine gas.

The Company's activities are consistent with the business strategy of both capital groups, which want to expand the scope of their activities to include the segment of small and medium-sized energy and industrial services.

Polimex Energo's offer supports the energy transformation in Poland without the customer's financial involvement. Thanks to the offered cooperation model, the Customer will have a new, effective cogeneration unit installed, and throughout the cooperation period, Polimex Energo will supply him with heat at a price lower than in the case of own production in a gas boiler.

In practice, this means that the customer, without having to invest a single zloty, will have a new cogeneration unit installed in his company or heating plant and will benefit from three main benefits: cheaper heat than he can produce himself, stable income from the lease of the space on which the unit is installed, and its heating system can become an effective heating system without the need to incur capital expenditure.

“Polimex Energo will provide its customers not only with thermal comfort based on low-emission energy sources, but also, in cooperation with customers, will carry out activities related to improving the energy efficiency of sources and receiving installations, and will also provide energy-related services. Cooperation with the client does not require the involvement of his financial resources, the investment is fully financed by Polimex Energo sp. z o. o. This approach, with awareness of the different situation of municipalities and the difficult process of obtaining financial support, will allow us to accelerate the decarbonization process.” – Krzysztof Figat – President of the Management Board of Polimex Mostostal S.A.

"Polimex Energo is committed to actively participating in the enhancement of production assets within local thermal energy enterprises and industrial plants. This endeavor is focused on boosting energy efficiency within these entities while also easing financial burdens through targeted cost optimization strategies.” – Ladislav Zeman – Group CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Tedom a.s.

“Seeing the need for an energy transformation aimed at full decarbonization, we intend to support changes in the heating and industrial sectors. The cooperation formula will allow us to flexibly approach cooperation with the client, where we will install our own technological solutions, providing the client with the necessary utilities” Michal Rzyman – Managing Director of Tedom Poland sp. z o. o

"Cooperation with the client is always preceded by technical and economic consulting, along with a comprehensive analysis of demand and consumption profile. Thanks to this, we jointly analyze the energy management of a plant or heating system and take the first of many steps towards climate neutrality.– Radosław Przybysławski – President of the Management Board of Polimex Energo sp. z o. o


Polimex Mostostal S.A. is one of the largest Polish engineering and construction companies. General contractor in the field of industrial construction. The company carries out specialized investments in Poland and abroad for the energy, petrochemical and environmental engineering industries. It is a manufacturer and exporter of steel structures, gratings and deals with galvanizing and painting steel structures.

The company has been operating on the market since 1945. A public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1997.


The Tedom Group has been operating since 1991 and provides comprehensive solutions for distributed energy, including the heating market and industry based on clean and flexible energy sources in various construction versions, i.e. container, open, sound-absorbing.

During 33 years of operation, the TEDOM group has delivered over 9,500 cogeneration units with a total capacity of over 3,600 MW to over 40 countries. In 7 of them, including Poland, it has its own companies.

Over 200 cogeneration units have been installed in Poland with a total electrical capacity of almost 180 MW.

TEDOM solutions support customers in their energy transformation.

The owner of the TEDOM Group is Jet Investment, one of the largest Czech companies managing private equity funds. Jet Investment also operates in Poland, where the company opened an office in 2023 and announced an investment of EUR 100 million in the acquisition of companies from the industrial sector within a few years. The total value of assets managed by Jet Investment exceeds EUR 500 million. The company specializes in building industrial groups, supporting foreign expansion, restructuring production companies, and implementing succession plans in family businesses.