Energomontaż - Północ Bełchatów has become an entity of Polimex Mostostal Capital Group



On 29 October 2019 Polimex Mostostal S.A. increased its shareholding in Energomontaż - Północ Bełchatów Sp. z o.o. up to 55%, thereby effectively acquiring control of the Company.

The new entity of Polimex Mostostal brings added value to the scope of business activity and competences of the Capital Group, particularly in terms of production and assembly.

Energomontaż - Północ Bełchatów Sp. z o.o. is a leading construction company specializing in the manufacturing and assembly of steel structures, power equipment and in the comprehensive implementation of industrial facilities.

The company hires over 200 employees, including experienced management and administration personnel, as well as production workers whose skills and excellent training guarantee quality and timely performance of works.

Energomontaż - Północ Bełchatów provides its products and services to both domestic and international clients. The company carries out the execution of turnkey projects with the high level assembly, equipment and commissioning of plants, as well as in the manufacturing of steel structure components, ducts, pipelines, tanks and other industrial devices.

The business operations of EPB are centred around four major areas: general contracting, production, assembly, renovation and modernization.

The company's employees hold a number of professional qualifications. One of the key occupational groups within the company are welders with certifications compliant with EN 287-1 for the following methods: 111, 141, 141/111, 135 (136) and method 121 for the welding of Group 1 ÷ 11 materials. For the above methods our company holds a GSI SLV certificate based on the DIN 18800-7 standard, which allows the assignment of welding works to subcontractors from abroad.