Naftoremont-Naftobudowa honoured at TotalEnergies Refinery Antwerp Partner Awards 2022


On 23 March 2023, as part of TotalEnergies Refinery Antwerp Partner Awards, the companies working at refinery facilities which had been rated best by TotalEnergies in 2022 received awards and honourable mentions.

Naftoremont-Naftobudowa sp. z o.o., a member of Polimex Mostostal Capital Group , was doubly recognised by getting:

1st place in "Categorie TA big B/C > 20.000 uren" — Turn Around (plant overhaul as part of planned downtime)


2nd place in "Categorie medium B/C — 25,000-50,000 uren" — Tank Maintenance (refurbishment of storage tanks)

Naftoremont-Naftobudowa successfully continues its partnership with TotalEnergies in Antwerp and, continuously for many years, has carried out storage tank overhauls and refinery plant overhauls.

The grand prize awarded in the most prestigious category is a result of the overall collaboration to date, in particular of the completion of TA2022 —Mechanical and piping works U72 PLF, U72 CCR, U74 DHT2 project in December 2022.

Catalytic desulphurisation, hydrogenation and catalytic reforming installations are essential parts of the crude oil refining process and improve the properties of the fuels obtained in the production process, including raising octane number. TotalEnergies' entrustment of Naftoremont-Naftobudowa with the refurbishment of such an vital part of the Refinery was a sign of great confidence on the part of the Client and a high assessment of the Contractor's capabilities.

The scope of the refurbishment work (almost 1,000 different workpack tasks), in addition to the preparation of "the standpipe" by Naftoremont-Naftobudowa engineers from Jedlicze and assistance with the shut-down and restart of the installation, included the prefabrication and replacement of carbon steel, austenitic, low-alloy and Incoloy pipelines, as well as the servicing of apparatus and equipment such as heat exchangers, pressure vessels, columns, and fittings.

Almost 200 employees were involved in the project at the Antwerp refinery site. In total, more than 100,000 hours were worked on the project, including approximately 21,000 hours in Poland and more than 80,000 hours in Belgium. It should be emphasised that all work was carried out safely and to the required level of quality within the timeframe agreed with the Client.