New contracts for Polimex-Mostostal in the wind energy sector

Polimex-Mostostal is dynamically developing its activity in the power engineering sector, including the wind energy sector.

In 2008, Polimex-Mostostal activeness in this area resulted in a contract with a Danish power engineering group, DONG Energy Generation A/S, for the execution of a wind plant in Karnice near Gryfice. Construction works continued until February last year and covered production of thirteen foundations constituting the basis for the installation of wind power plants of 2.3 MW each (total output of the power plant is 30 MW) and of internal roads. Beside the construction works, the investor charged Polimex-Mostostal with the development of detailed designs of the course and structure of the internal roads, stockyards and vehicle manoeuvre areas as well as foundations.

Polimex-Mostostal is currently executing another contract of the type. Namely, the construction of a wind farm in Tychów near Stargard Szczeciński for RWE Innogy GmbH. The subject matter of the contract is the production of 15 foundations for wind turbines of total capacity of 34.50 MW, access roads, vehicle manoeuvre areas and stockyards.

30 June 2010 Polimex-Mostostal signed two further contracts for the execution of wind farms in Łukaszów and Modlikowice in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship. The Polish Energy Partners S.A. is the investor. Total capacity of the two power plants will amount to 58 MW. The contracts cover the same scope of works as the preceding investments, including the construction of 29 foundations for wind turbines.

Total value of the current contracts concluded by Polimex-Mostostal for the execution of wind farms amounts to PLN 51.5 million net.

-  Polimex-Mostostal is intensely striving to acquire further orders of the type. Within the last several months, the Company has made several bids in tenders organised by investors planning to launch wind power plants in Poland. Most of the tenders is yet to be concluded so the problem of selection of the executing company still remains open. We do hope that we will acquire further orders, informs Paweł Szymaniak, Head of the Communication and Promotion Office of Polimex-Mostostal S.A.

-  The Company intends to develop its activity as a general contractor in that respect, that is to execute projects comprehensively, adds Paweł Szymaniak.

In January this year, the Company became a member of the Polskie Stowarzyszenie Energetyki Wiatrowej [Polish Wind Energy Association]. The Association assembles leading companies operating in the sector in Poland and acts in favour of improvement of the conditions of investing in wind energy and of increasing the awareness of the use of wind power as a clean source of electricity.

Continuing development of wind power engineering is, among other things, the result of the obligation undertaken by Poland as part of membership in the European Union, pursuant to which in 2010 7.5% of our energy shall originate from renewable resources. Investors’ interest in wind farms is growing dynamically.