New road contract for Polimex-Mostostal

Today, i.e. 20 June 2010, the Polimex-Mostostal consortium of companies signed a contract with the Katowice Branch of the Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways for the construction of the S-69 Bielsko Biała – Żywiec – Zwardoń expressway, the ‘Mikuszowice’ (‘Żywiecka/Bystrzańska’) junction – Żywiec section.

 The consortium comprises:

- Polimex-Mostostal S.A. (Leader),

- Doprastav a.s. Bratislava (Partner),

- Zakład Robót Mostowych ‘MOSTMAR’ Marcin i Grzegorz Marcinków, Spółka Jawna (Partner).

 The contract gross value amounts to: PLN 788,100,446.85 (seven hundred eighty-eight million, one hundred thousand four hundred forty-six point eight five zlotys).

The contract net value amounts to: PLN 645,983,972.83 (six hundred forty-five million, nine hundred eighty-three thousand, nine hundred seventy-two point eight three zlotys). The Polimex-Mostostal participation in the consortium amounts to 34 %.

The execution period will be 27 months as of the works commencement date.

 Information about the contract:

-  road class – ‘S’, 2x2 traffic lanes + emergency lane

-  section length – 15.56 km.

-  traffic lane width – 3.50 m.

-  emergency lane width – 2.50 m.

-  road junctions: ‘Wilkowice’, ‘Buczkowice’, ‘Łodygowice’ and ‘Żywiec’ junction providing connection to the executed section of the S-69 expressway and the 69 national route.


Under the contract, among other things the following works are going to be executed:

-  25 bridge objects,

-  3,190 m culverts under the road prism, including 1,056 m of ecological culverts,

-  25 thousand sq.m. of acoustic baffles,

-  55 running km of road barriers,

-  laying of 75 running km of power and telecommunication cables, 10 running km of water pipes and gas pipes, 27 running km of stormwater and sanitary sewage piping,

-  16 running km of sewage piping, ditches and drains,

-  planting of 41 thousand trees and bushes,

-  1.2 million cu.m. of excavations,

-  1.5 million cu.m. of embankments,

-  laying of 240 thousand tons of asphalt.


-  Our portfolio of orders is definitely growing. Its net value has exceeded PLN 10 billion, taking into account the contract signed today and the best price bid which we made for the construction of the A-4 motorway Rzeszów – Jarosław section for the amount of PLN 1.8 billion net and 2 bids for the construction of road sections near Ciechanów and Bochnia where our prices are also the best, informs Konrad  Jaskóła, President of the Management Board.

 -   Signature of the contract regarding the A-4 motorway and 2 further railway contracts ought to take place soon, adds the President.