The next milestone in the construction of low-emission generation units by PGE GiEK in West Pomerania region.

Dolna Odra betonowanie


Concreting of the foundation slab of one of the two newly-built CCGT units in the Dolna Odra Power Plant, a company branch of PGE Górnictwo i Konwencjonalna which belongs  to PGE Group, has been completed. The construction of low-emission units with a total capacity of 1340 MW is a strategic project for the Polish economy.

In the process of continuous concreting of the foundation slab of the turbine unit no. 9, which lasted 31 hours, 2,236 m3 of concrete was used. Currently, the concrete mass is being maintained. Intensive reinforcement work is also being carried out on the foundation slab of the turbine set of unit no. 10, the concreting of which will be carried out in a few weeks.

The investment in Dolna Odra Power Plant is in line with global trends in the power sector, which assumes the construction of low-emission generation units. The construction of new capacities is also a response to the growing demand for flexible generation capacities in the West Pomeranian region.

The new generation units in Dolna Odra Power Plant will not only be the most modern in Poland, but also among the most modern gas-fired power plants in Europe.

After completion, in the fourth quarter of 2023, the energy generated from a low-emission source will flow into the Polish grid. This means that the gas units will more than meet the environmental standards required by the European Union. Their emissions will be at the level of ca. 320 kg CO2/MWh against the required EU norms at the level of 550 kg CO2/MWh. Moreover, the gas-steam units will be able to achieve the emission level even three times lower than coal units, currently operating in the Polish power system.

New gas-steam units will be equipped with H-class turbines. Units of this class, compared to turbines of previous generation, are characterized by higher efficiency (63% compared to 59-60%). New units will also feature high flexibility, which is important given the large installed capacity of onshore wind farms in Pomerania. Energy production from wind farms is variable and weather dependent, therefore the new CCGT units in Dolna Odra Power Plant will provide significant support for the stability of the power system. The new units will be capable of supplying electricity to approximately 2.5 million households and will further stabilize the local grid, while meeting environmental standards in terms of emissions.

The project in Dolna Odra will be carried out by a consortium of companies including Polimex Mostostal and General Electric (consortium leader) which won a tender for design, supply, construction and installation as well as start-up and commissioning of two gas-steam units together with the complete infrastructure. The contract value amounts to PLN 3.7 billion net. Additionally, the order includes a 12-year maintenance agreement worth over PLN 1 billion net.