Polimex-Mostostal made a bid with the best price of PLN 149.86 million in a road tender

Today, i.e. on 02.06.2011 an opening of bids in the public tender for the general contractorship of reconstruction of the national roads no 1 and 86 (Gdańsk-Cieszyn) within the borders of the Town of Tychy with total length of 6.8 km has been conducted.

The Ordering Party is Miejski Zarząd Ulic i Mostów (Municipal Administration of Roads and Bridges) in Tychy.

Bid made by Polimex –Mostostal SA is a bid with the best price. 

Gross value of the bid is: PLN 149,862,373.07

(one hundred and forty nine million, eight hundred and sixty two thousand, three hundred and seventy three point zero seven PLN)

Net value of the bid is: PLN 121,839.327.70

(one hundred and twenty one million, eight hundred and thirty nine thousand, three

hundred and twenty seven point seven PLN)

The works will be completed within 840 days of the commencement date.

The choice of the best offer will be made by the Ordering Party after conducting the research procedure and bid evaluation. The price criterion will be the only criterion of bid evaluation.