Polimex-Mostostal S.A. contract worth over 121 million PLN for the construction of a complete winning haulage system for the Lubelski Węgiel ‘Bogdanka’ S.A. has been signed.

Today, on 30.11.2009, Polimex-Mostostal S.A. signed a contract with the Lubelski Węgiel ‘Bogdanka’ S.A. for the ‘Construction of a winning haulage system from pit shaft 2.1 at Stefanów Field to the Coal Mechanical Processing Plant at Bogdanka Field of the Lubelski Węgiel ‘Bogdanka’ S.A.

The scope of works covers development of detailed designs, construction of structures, delivery of machinery and equipment, installation at the site, launching and commissioning of the machinery and equipment, and obtainment of a use permit.

Net contract amount: 99,449,000.00 PLN (ninety-nine million, four hundred forty-nine thousand PLN).

Gross contract amount: 121,327,780.00 PLN (one hundred twenty-one million, three hundred twenty-seven thousand, seven hundred eighty PLN).

Works commencement date: within 14 business days of the contract signature date.

Works completion date: within 12 months of the contract signature date, i.e. by 30.11.2010.

- Conclusion of contracts with realisation dates falling in the next and consecutive years has become one of the main responsibilities of the marketing services. Nevertheless, I remain calm as we are successively completing our portfolio with further orders. At present, the portfolio of orders amounts to 7 billion PLN, out of which for 2010 we have signed contracts for the amount of over 3.5 billion PLN. - informs President of the Management Board, Konrad Jaskóła.

- Our bidding actions are effective. We have recently made the most advantageous bids for the construction of:

a section of the A-4 motorway for 779 million PLN gross,
the Surzycki–Christo Botew Road in Krakow for 80 million PLN gross,
a power unit at the heat and power generating plant in Bielsko-Biała for 500 million PLN.
– adds President Jaskóła.